Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Italian Republic

Moldo-Italian Bilateral Relations

According to the priority directions reflected in the External Policy Concept of the Republic of Moldova, Italy is placed among the priority countries with which the Republic of Moldova wants to develop advantageous cooperation relations. The character of such relations is determined by the authority of Italy in the international community (its important geo-strategic position in the South-West of Europe and the Mediterranean area, the G8 membership, the status of one of the 10 most developed countries in the world, the influent and active position within the European and international organizations and structures etc.) as well as by the belonging of Italy to the Latin origin community, the cultural and linguistic affinities, the numerous presence of Moldovan citizens on the territory of this country.

The Italian Republic was one of the first to recognize the independence of the Republic of Moldova, establishing diplomatic relations with it on the 21st of February 1992.

In the month of March 2008, in Chişinău there was opened the Embassy of the Italian Republic in the Republic of Moldova, and on the 24th of November of the same year there was inaugurated the diplomatic Chancellery of the Embassy.

In the recent years, the moldo-italian bilateral relations have been characterized by a dynamic development supported by an intense political dialogue and a constructive cooperation to the mutual interest of both countries.

Italy has proved to be an incontestable partner of the Republic of Moldova, ready to offer its full support in the realization of the European integration aspirations of our country.