Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Italian Republic

Trade and economic relations

According to the data of the Public Services Agency, 1397 enterprises with Italian capital are currently active in the Republic of Moldova, the investments in the social capital amounting about 1,731 billion MDL or is situated on the 2nd place of the number of enterprises with foreign capital and on the 6th place according to the volume of foreign direct investments in the Moldovan economy.

The trade flows between the Republic of Moldova and Italy have reached during the 9 months of 2018 – 519,3 mln.USD. Italy is the 2nd trading partner of the Republic of Moldova in terms of exports and the 6th partner regarding the imports.

The Moldovan exports to Italy registred a value of 229,8 mln.USD, recording an increase by 44,3% compared with the same period of 2017. Imports of Italy of the products originated in the Republic of Moldova ammounted – 289,5 mln.USD, increasing by 19,4% compared with the 2017.

The largest enterprises active in the Republic of Moldova with the participation of the Italian capital are the following: Commercial bank “Eximbank”, S.R.L. ÎM “Fashion Group”, S.R.L. ÎM “Calmo International”, S.A. ÎM “Piele”, S.A. ÎCS “Steaua-Reds”, S.R.L. ÎM “Immobildream”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Marthatex”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Thinkita Plast”, S.R.L. ÎM “Molven Grup”, S.R.L. ÎCS “GFS Commerce”, S.R.L. ÎM “Sistemi Immobiliari Moldo-Italiani”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Locos International”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Studio Line”, S.R.L. ÎM “Il Ponte-3T”, S.R.L. ÎCS “CSM Uniform”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Triveneta Cavi”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Confezione Andrea”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Leoni”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Sammu cablaggi”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Nires International”, S.R.L. ÎCS “Lonesmol”etc.

Updated - November 2018