Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Italian Republic


Public Property Agency is the institution responsible for privatization in the Republic of Moldova..

Privatization is carried out by:

  1. sale of shares (securities) to the Stock Exchange;
  2. auction sale with call;
  3. sale by commercial or investment contest, including on the basis of individual projects.

In the cases provided by law, the privatization is also carried out by:

  • auction sale with discount;
  • auction sale without announcement of the initial price;
  • sale of shares in the conditions of public offering;
  • sending shares free of charge;
  • transmission of shares in order to honor certain debts of the state;
  • exchange of goods, including shares, liable to be privatized.

Upon privatization, may participate as buyers:

  • natural and legal persons from the Republic of Moldova;
  • private individuals and legal entities wholly private, stateless, in accordance with the law;
  • associations of persons specified in a) and b).

Information on privatization appears systematically