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The viticulture and wine industry of the Republic of Moldova

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Programme Wine Festival Moldova

We would like to inform you that from 6th to 7th of October 2012 the National Wine Festival will be held in Moldova.

The National Wine Day was established under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Moldova and has been celebrated yearly since 2002. This event has become a national tradition offering fascinating experiences and a rich cultural background.

Almost all wine companies from Moldova exhibit and offer tastings of a wide range of wines from different regions. Each of the four Moldovan vineyard regions has its own set of customs and traditions which translate into an exceptional range of wine.

The Festival will be a great opportunity for all visitors and guests to appreciate the Moldovan culture and wine. It is a platform for discussion not only for wine makers but also for officials, representatives of scientific and education institutions, tour operators, business investors, cultural actors etc.

The Program of the National Wine Day will include public and professional wine tastings and competitions, cultural events, traditional food from each vineyard region offering the visitors a possibility to enjoy the Moldovan warmth and hospitality.

The viticulture and wine industry are the main sub-branches of the Moldovan economy, generating approximately 15% of the national annual government budget.
The total area of vineyards is 147 thousand ha, including 113 thousand ha of yielding vines. Around 32 thousand ha were planted between 2002 and 2011. Over 95% are under private ownership. The current annual vintage is 500 - 600 thousand tons.

Moldovan viticulture includes a large variety of grapes, of which 90% are European. The most popular varietals include Aligoté, Muscat (Ottonel), Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Traminer (both white and rosé), Riesling (Italian, de Rhine), Rkatsiteli (Republic of Georgia) and Silvaner. The red varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Malbec.
Annually there are also planted about 75-80 thousand tons of table grapes, the main varietals being Moldova, Leana, Redgina, Victoria and Muscat Iantarnîi.

The wine industry's total output averages 1 million tons per season, which allows for a maximum pro­duction of around 65 million decaliters (dal) of wines. Currently, 162 wineries hold production licenses. Moldova produces 20 - 25 million of dal of bulk wine, having large cellars for storing and ma­turing high quality wines - Cricova, Brăneşti, Purcari, Migdal-P, Mileştii Mici.

The wine industry processes around 400 thousand tons of grapes on an annual basis, launching on the market a high variety of products: table, dry, sweet, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sparkling, special wines with 14% - 20% alcohol and cognacs (divins).

Moldova produces about 300-350 million bottles of wine, 20 million bottles of sparkling wine and 400 thousand dal of divins, annually. Approximately 10% is consumed on the domestic market, while the remaining 90% is exported. Divins represent our national pride, which are grouped according to both their maturity and quality into three categories: divin for current consumption (3 - 5 years maturity); mature divin (over 5 years); and old divin. Divins such as Aroma, Barza Albă, Belii Aist and Cezar have earned a special reputation amongst connoisseurs, as well as Bucuria,Chişinău, Doina, Nistru, Orfeu and Sărbătoare (10 years), Codru, Dacia, Noroc and Ştefan-Vodă (20 years) and of special mention, the divin matured over 40 years, Ambasador, Prezident and Victoria, the oldest one ageing 50 years (Prezident produced by JSC Barza Albă from the county of Bălţi).

The Republic of Moldova also produces a large variety of vermouths, among which are included Buchetul Moldovei, Roua Dimineţii, Romaniţa and Toamna, produced in Dubăsari in the Nistru valley and exported to Baltic countries, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Besides vermouths, Moldova produces special balsamic wines such as Stejar, Legenda Haiducului, Bucuria, Amar-Amar, as well as Heres wines.

Thanks to their quality, Moldovan wines are exported to about 50 countries (Germany, Canada, USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and the Baltic countries).

Milestii Mici is included in the Guinness Book for holding the largest collection of wines in the world, totaling an outstanding 1,6 million bottles.