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Launch of the Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

"It is a pleasurable sign of coming back to normality, which has been awaited both by us and by our citizens in the country and abroad, but as well by foreigners interested to visit the republic", - mentioned today Mr. Iurie Leancă, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, at the inauguration of the Call Center launched at the initiative of the Ministry. The Center is meant to remove the recent years deficiencies of communication between the authorities and the citizens.

With the launch of the Call Center, citizens will have the possibility to instantaneously receive qualified information in the consular area, particularly relevant for urgent issues which can not be delayed. Thus, the call center will provide information on conditions and fees for visa issuance, working program of the diplomatic and consular missions, travel advice, notary actions and other issues of interest in consular matters. With the opening of the call center, noted Mr. Iurie Leancă "we are trying to come closer to the citizens' problems and concerns.

The launch of this important instrument of enhancing communication with the citizens has been made possible with the financial support of the Government of Norway, the Turkish International Cooperation and Development (TIKA), the United Nations Development Program, with the direct involvement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria.

The services of the call center can be accessed free of charge from landline telephones anywhere in the Republic of Moldova at the following telephone numbers:

  • 0 80 090990
  • 0 80 090990

Overseas calls can be made at the following telephone numbers:

  • +373 22 690990
  • +373 22 690990

taxed at the standard calling rate for the country where the call is made.

For additional information on the call center, please consult the official homepage of the Ministry of Foreign affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova: www.mfa.gov.md